What Makes for Unique Jewelry

What Makes for Unique Jewelry

Being updated with the trends in fashion from the clothes and personal accessories to jewelry is a good thing. Still, being too trendy can work against an individual, thus, leading to the ridiculed phenomenon known as the fashion victim. With unique jewelry, such a thing is least likely to happen to you. See more here.

What Makes It Unique

Basing our definition on unique as culled from the dictionary, a unique piece of jewelry is one that an uncommon, exclusive and distinctive wearable art.

Thus, fashion and costume jewelry that has been mass manufactured in recent years since there are hundreds, if not thousands, of replicas available can be crossed out as uncommon jewelry.

Catalog jewelry from mass jewelers can also be excluded from the category as these are easily accessible to everybody.

With such exclusions from the list, we can include the following types of jewelry as being unique although the list is neither inclusive nor authoritative.

Keep in mind that the term unique jewelry is subjective in that each person has a different definition depending on his culture, style, and budget.

What’s New About Unique Jewelry

What’s New About Unique JewelryWhat’s New About Unique Jewelry• Jewelry made from distinctive materials aside from precious and semi-precious metals and gemstones? Materials like bone, animal teeth, coins, glass, beads, wood, and ivory are most often used to make these kinds of wearable art.
• Jewelry designed in non-conventional forms usually as a statement piece. For example, the cougar-shaped watch sold from the estate of Wallis Simpson can be considered unique in that most watches are not shaped in such a manner.
• Jewelry that evokes traditions within a certain culture. For example, the golden rings worn on the neck by the Padaung women are unique in our culture.
• Jewelry from the antiquities and other specific eras since many of these pieces cannot be reproduced in the same manner as the original.

When it comes to unique jewelry, you can make your own decisions about what makes a piece, well, unique. In fact, your jewelry can be of your own design and made by your own hands so that it can be considered unique.

How to Buy It

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Regardless of what your tastes are in uncommon jewelry, you will follow certain common steps in their purchase. You are making an investment in fashion, in time and in money so you might as well make it a good one.

First and foremost, you must decide on the general parameters of your search for uncommon jewelry. Is it for a special occasion as a gift to a loved one? Is it to complement another unique fashion piece? Is it to add to your collection of jewelry from around the world?

When you have determined the purpose of your purchase in unique jewelry, you can then narrow your choices according to the materials used, type of design, place of origin, specific jewelry era, and other criteria.

Then, you must make sure of the value of the jewelry. For fine jewelry, antique jewelry, and fine jewelry, you must consult a gemologist or a jewelry appraiser to ensure that you are purchasing the real McCoy, not a cheap but good imitation.

Ultimately, your search for unique jewelry must end with the assurance that you have the real deal. Otherwise, you will have an oh-so-common jewelry, not thanks to piracy.

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How To Find Unique Jewelry Online

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