Skyrocket Grumblies a Must Have Toy! Review

Skyrocket Grumblies a Must Have Toy!

This is not your usual cuddly and cute virtual pet. Instead, they are a crazy virtual pet that the purpose is to make it go crazy through smashing and hitting it until it reaches meltdown. The essence of hitting a toy until it goes ballistic might seen a little more graphic and disturbing to parents who don’t encourage their kids to violence but in actual sense, it’s fun and really entertaining seeing the pet go ballistic.

And I am pretty sure that your kid is not the only one who is going to get blown away by this toy. Being the total opposite of crumblies, the grumblies are mostly geared to boys.

This is because they produce really “disgusting” noises like burp and fart noises. If you look at it from another perspective this toy is suited for boys who really like to annoy their sisters and play break stuff around the household.

So instead of worrying about what shenanigans your boy child might do to their siblings or your precious household equipment just get them this toy, to save you the trouble of constantly having to keep a watchful eye on them. There are four different grumbles and each has their own peculiar personality, voices and they all represent an element.

Scorch the red one as its name suggests represents lava, Hydro the ocean blue one as its color represents tsunami, Bolt the purple one represents lightning and thunder, Tremor the vegetation green one represents earthquakes and landslides.  There is a whole storyline behind the toys which states that Grumblies live deep within the earth secretly hidden from mankind.

They have a short temper and are mischievous, they create earthquakes, volcanoes and supernatural chaos. Some have tried to tame them, but be warned messing with them can lead to an epic meltdown.

Even the backstory of this toys seems geared to their epic meltdown capabilities.

For now, they cannot rely on interact together but in the future, we hope that they would be forged with this capability. The only rules you might have to follow while playing with this absurd toy do not shake, do not slap and do not flip you can do this to them but you won’t be playing by the rules. They are made of soft fiber and are safe for children.  Each of the four characters features more than 40 sounds and reactions that are unique to each one. They are majorly designed for kids aged 4 years and above and will be available for purchase in the fall of 2018 retailing at a price of $19.99. Prices may vary due to certain circumstances. You can get this amazing toy on Amazon.