Review: Devialet Silver Phantom vs Devialet Gold Phantom


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Review: Devialet Silver Phantom vs Devialet Gold Phantom

At first glance, the Devialet speakers look like futuristic eggs or UFOs. And when turned on, they come alive, literally.

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The speakers move back and forth creating a dramatic yet cutting-edge impression. Devialet boasts of producing the highest quality of sound in the world. This article looks at the facts by reviewing the Devialet Silver Phantom vs Devialet Gold Phantom.
Titanium tweeter driverOnline TodayFunctionality In terms of functionality, the two versions of Devialet phantom speakers are identical. They use wireless technology with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity capabilities. You can manage connections via the Devialet Spark App for Android and iOS.
Design and color As the name suggests, they come in silver or gold. The dome speakers come in pairs with one woofer on each end. Both Devialet Silver Phantom and Devialet Gold Phantom have a grille at the front, resembling an eye
The outer plate is made of stainless steel and does not have control buttons. You will need your phone to make adjustments. The Gold Phantom has a Titanium tweeter Performance The Devialet Silver Phantom model has a power output of 3,000 Watts while the Gold Phantom has a maximum output of 4,500 Watts.
The low-end bass is exceptional for a unit this small. But the moment it is turned on, the acoustics experience is on another level.
Infused with a frequency of 14 Hz, the Gold version registers intense and deep bass that’s enough to send tremors across the room. The audio quality is fine-tuned and floats in the room in an unbelievable detail. Comparison features Devialet Gold Phantom

phantomTitanium tweeter driver Power: 4500 Watts

• Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

• Bandwidth: 14 Hz to 27kHz, 108 dB

(Grade 1) Devialet Silver Phantom

• Power: 3000 Watts

• Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

• Bandwidth: 16 Hz to 25 kHz, 105 dB

• Aluminum tweeter driver What’s to like:

Online Todayphantom Overall, the sound quality is the best among wireless speakers in the same class

• Easy to set up and control

• The speakers have an option for connection

• Appealing visual appearance What’s not to like:

• The price is high

• You can only control the speakers via a phone app Conclusion Not every piece of technology is perfect. But with the Devialet Phantom speakers, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better alternative. Get these perfectly engineered speakers at Amazon.com.Titanium tweeter driver


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