Is Gold Jewelry the Right Choice?

Is Gold Jewelry the Right Choice? or not

Gold jewelry is fashioned to complement movement, form and life. The emotional engagement of this precious metal to its wearer makes it a vital element of living out the aesthetics of life. The art of harnessing the beauty of one of the world’s ancient metals has long offered variety in crafting divine keepsakes. In the modern world, gold has become a vital component of fashion jewelry. Season from season, gold jewelry pieces never go out of style. As modern jewelry designers and goldsmiths find incorporate more sensual and ergonomic suppleness to the material, people can enjoy their everlasting appeal in completing every ensemble and look for any occasion.

If you are unsure about which accessories to match your outfit, gold jewelry almost always gift a pretty safe bet. Depending on your personal style, the shape, size and length of gold accessories make it easy to accentuate any garment. As jewelry designers play around the idea of combining colors and textures as in rubies, sapphires, diamonds and other gemstones, malleable gold metal has been cut, colored and shaped into pieces that can readily make a simple and un-patterned clothing look like a knockout.

As playful as fashion trends become, jewelry makers have explored the many shades and colors of gold. In addition to the standard yellow gold, we can now see variety in rose gold and white gold jewelry pieces. Recently, black gold and green gold were added in its growing list of material selection. The color selection made these accessories more agreeable to a variety of skin tones. For instance, those with fairer skin tone looks great with yellow or rose gold pieces and darker skin tones look great with white gold pieces. All three colors of gold can make excellent statement jewelry pieces. The flexibility in color, design and styling that gold jewelry offers make it wearer-friendly.

Gold is one material that seldom causes irritation on its wearer. It does not easily react with other elements, a quality that keeps them from quickly tarnishing. It seldom create residue that can ruin its appearance and irritate the skin of its wearer. Also, even when gold is shaped and made into tiny strands, it does not break easily. Durable and hypo-allergenic, gold jewelry suggests a good way of staying comfortable in fashion.

To get the most of your gold jewelry purchases, you need to educate yourself about the value of gold. Often, we see gold pieces stamped with number symbols that is attached to the capital letter K (karat), which indicate the system used in describing the percentage of pure gold that the jewelry contains. As a rule of thumb, higher karat number means higher percentage of gold in your jewelry piece. 24K gold is simply pure gold. 18K means the jewelry used a material that contains 18 parts gold and 6 parts additional metals, which give you a material with 75 percent gold. The same system of indicating gold concentration goes with 14K, 12K and 10K. With European gold jewelry pieces, another system may be used. 18K gold is marked 750 (75% gold), 14K gold is marked 585 (58.5% gold) and 10K is marked 417 (41.7% gold).

If you are looking for a jewelry that never goes out of style and accessories that you can comfortably wear every day and at any occasion, gold jewelry will do nicely. Gold jewelry design selections are vast. There will certainly a style or piece that will suit your taste, preferences and budget.

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