This year, it seems that I know a number of kids who are getting confirmed, so the list of confirmation gifts I need to buy is a long one. I decided that I wanted to do something special for this important time of life, something beyond the basic bibles and picture frames that are often the standard fare for these events. My main problem was my budget — I needed to find a wide selection of affordable confirmation gifts to accommodate the various people on my list.

Confirmation Gifts

I decided to look for confirmation gifts online, in the hopes that I could uncover some unique offerings that would fall within my budget. I found plenty of websites to choose from, each with their own line of specialty items that would be suitable for this important occasion. Some even provided special deals like free shipping or discounted prices. This made it possible for me to find the perfect present for every child on my list and I was still able to keep my bank balance in the black!

I was surprised at how many different products were available to commemorate this milestone. For my friend’s child, I found a lovely array of bookmarks that were designed specifically as confirmation gifts. Some had scripture verses imprinted on them, while others had Christian emblems that made them the perfect accessory for church and Sunday school classes.

For my niece and nephew, I purchased keepsake boxes that they could use for their favorite valuables, rosary beads, or other trinkets. The one for my niece was a lovely box handcrafted of fine wood with a simple metal dove on the lid. My nephew received a pewter container with a dove and a cross engraved on the top. These were beautiful confirmation gifts that I hope will be treasured for many years to come.

My goddaughter deserved something truly special as well, and I found the perfect confirmation gift for her at one of the many websites I visited. I wanted to get her a piece of jewelry that she could wear all the time to remind her of her special day. There were some lovely choices in beaded and rosary bracelets; so many in fact, that I had trouble picking out just one! I finally settled on a beautiful crucifix, and by doing a bit of extra comparison shopping online, I was even able to get a great price and free shipping on the item.

The day that you get confirmed as an adult member of the church is an important one indeed. If you know someone who is getting ready to celebrate this very significant milestone, make sure you recognize the event properly with a lovely confirmation gift. Days like this deserve to be remembered forever!

Confirmation Gifts