Ring Video Door Bell Install

this is our new doorbell okay tired and people ringing my doorbell religious people first thing Saturday morning they're always coming around salespeople politicians and we're always hiding here looking around the corner see who it is because we never answer our door so I came up with a solution it's called ring the video doorbell put this right on the front of the door next to the door you hit the button

pops up on my iPhone and we can see you it is Akram tell them we're not home even though we probably answer them right from bed bathroom shower anyway just tell them you're busy not home we can watch them they can hear us talk back and forth string the video doorbell and we're going to get it installed here momentarily open this up flip this up like that and it comes with all the

neat little gadgets you need to install this thing lettuce doorbell drill bit screwdriver a level even level the thing so let's see what's it all in here okay so what we got here and gives you a little bag of screws and see that little baggie screws your level screwdriver pull this out and this is your doorbell the video camera all up in there okay we set that aside got your instructions I'd rather probably just

prefer to go to ring calm look up a video on how to do it all this is our base unit template this is what goes against the door or your wall and using going into cement or brick I'm going to use the little holders here screw to go right into the wood yeah we'll see what happens see where we're going to put this thing you get it on there use a level to

level this out take the stickers off let's go right on there so you have this little diode depending on the doorbell system that you use now you might have to put this in here between these two contacts there are videos online ring comm in the support go to videos instructions gives you a lot more than this couple page whatever you want to call this quick set-up guide put this away and your little charging cable

if you're not going to connect this to some type of power and get it powered we have an electronic doorbell which will not be compatible so I can't use the wires that are coming to it so I'm going to disconnect the doorbell we're use it now because it's an intercom system and this has a battery in it you're going to charge it needs 10 hours of charged up so while I install this

thing I'm going to go over and plug this in to the computer this will go right in here and ten hours it'll give it a full charge and the charge supposed to last a long long time up to maybe a year and then when you it's going low this will just yank off at the base bring it in the house charge it up for ten hours you're good to go for

months and months and months again so we're going to see how this baby operates and while this charge is before you charge if you go on download your app we have the iPhone I download the app follow the instructions to set it up I set it up as the front door connects to your Wi-Fi system in your house so you need Wi-Fi you're going to need a router wireless router to get all

this connected and then wherever you are in the world when somebody hits the doorbell it's going to come up on your phone you can answer it talk to the person everything multiple people in the household can also get the app and you know you have three or four people in your household Android phone iPhone whatever when somebody rings a doorbell you all see it so we're going to test that out too but let

me plug this in giving it a charge up we'll come back to that one when it's all charged up we'll show you how they connected onto the base here in the meantime while this is charging we'll go out and install the base okay charge it overnight unplug it and before I install it even though it's easy to come on off that base because we're gonna have to charge this once or twice a

year supposedly to see how that works out but for now I'm before we put it on the base I go through all the trouble let's see how this thing works before I install it , kay somebody rings a doorbell the lights are spinning waiting for us to answer on the iPhone I have someone who's at your front door it's telling me it's the front door so I'm going to swipe this let's see what happens

and there we go looks alright now we can either just use this to look at the person come down and answer the door without doing anything else and hitting the end button or if we're not home or you're busy you just hit the talk button and you can converse between your phone and the doorbell I'm not going to do that right now because we'll probably get a whole lot of feedback because their speakers

are and the microphones are right next to each other so we'll just get feedback so I'm not even going to try it but as you can see it's a good wide-angle fisheye lens so it should pick up porch out there and you know cover the door everything I need to see so that's what it looks like and we'll go out there and put this on and give it a test run there's

six squares now we're going to go on these six notches on the frame you know stick it on there push this down and then there are two screws we're going to use this provided screwdriver that one we're going to have to use because there are hex screws and we're going to tighten those down so nobody can lift this off the base and steal it install it onto the base tighten up the two screws and

your installation is now complete we're going to give it a test run okay let's somebody at the front door we're giving it a test on the phone right now it says someone is at the front door slide that open and ago we're going to answer it, hello oh yeah we're not home right now how can you hear us testing one two three four five okay and you look pretty good too et's show everybody that's my

wife doing the test run at the doorbell and everything seems to be working good when you're done with the call you're just going to hit the end okay so we're done with the install of the ring video doorbell and at the end there with the screwdriver I was using my own tools there for a little bit but at the end they give you this little tool your Phillips head and your torques I needed

this the screw at the bottom of the base tighten everything up so nobody can steal the doorbell so don't just throw this out right away when you get your package cause you're going to want to use this directly at the end again I use my own tools everybody's application is going to be different you'll just have to figure it out before you start ripping things apart and screwing things down make sure it's exactly

where you want it to be then stall took probably 25 minutes because I had to rip out some other the old system and figure out where I'm going to put things if I had a clean wall and I was just coming out there install it should take no longer than five minutes to screw that base plate onto a wall and connect your doorbell it's that simple five minutes and now you can

see who's at your front door anytime on the app itself when you go into your iPhone you're going to see all the recent doorbell events who was there you get a 30 day trial of cloud you can go back and see all your events even if  you know something happens out front vandalism anything you can go back and look at that there is a charge for it I didn't sign up right

now so I'm going to see how it works they give you a 30 day free trial and everything that is it is recorded that happens in front of your house in that motion anybody hits the doorbell you can go back and identify who was at your house I don't know how long they store it on the cloud so right now it's 30 day free trial and that's a good thing you can go

back I set up motion there's a motion detector on it I set it up for about 30 feet that should get me out close to my sidewalk I don't want to be notified every time people are walking the dogs epidemic sidewalk that doesn't interest me but somebody would walk up to the house and not ring your doorbell maybe look in the window walk away you will be to fight the only downside to that

is I noticed every time somebody opens the door and exits the house or if they're working out there on the porch cleaning or you're going to have a party you're sitting you got company over you're sitting on your porch this is going to pick up the sensor all the time so you'll have to go into your app and hit the menu and you can go down here and hit your front door and

turn motion off shared users link chimes recent activity it's all in here motion alerts you can just turn that off right where you don't even have to go into the motion settings just turn it off if you're having you know an eventful day out front with company and so forth you don't want this thing to keep chiming away and telling you there are people out front so we're going to let it at that

I give this a 5 star rating out of five stars it's a great doorbell security purposes everything now you can see who's at your front door and don't have to be scared to open your door and confront the religious fanatics salesmen cold calls politicians now you can be choosy who you open the door for ok great security device $1.99 $199 you can buy them online at ring calm or I went down to Best

But they had a lot of them in stock different colors and came home as I said within 25 minutes I have a video doorbell that's all folks see you next time

See more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82DRT5bI-n8

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this is our new doorbell okay tired and people ringing my doorbell religious people first thing Saturday morning they're always coming around salespeople politicians and we're always hiding here looking around the corner see who it is because we never answer our door so I came up with a solution it's called ring the video doorbell put this right on the front of the door next to the door ...