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hi I'm Mike and welcome to your guide this is a review of the top three video doorbells the ring ring pro and skybell HD I have been using the rain for a year and it has quickly become one of the gadgets that I can't live without video doorbells have several benefits first you can see who's at your door imagine you're watching TV and someone rings the bell is it your

buddies or someone trying to sell you something now you can see who it is on your phone and then decide if it's worth running to the door mid game but wait there's more you want to answer from the comfort of the couch now you can you can talk to the person right from your phone you can also do this from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection

this brings us to the second big benefit security if someone is going to break into your house they're probably going to ring the bell first to make sure that you're not home now when they do you can tell them that you can't come to the door they can't tell if you're home or not third you can see when packages are delivered so now you can see why I could never get rid of

my video doorbell I evaluated each of the three video doorbells on Psy's video quality motion detection field-of-view app and website cloud storage and any additional features so which video doorbell should you get that's going to depend on your situation and what features are important to you the first thing to check is if you have power to your current doorbell if you don't have power or don't have any doorbell your only option is the ring

because it can run on batteries while the others require power if you do have power or can run power to the door then you have some choices each of these has a slightly different size and shape the ring pro is the smallest at just under two inches wide and four inches tall while the ring is two and a half inches wide and five inches tall the skybell is circular and n two

and three or cinches one video quality here is video from each of the doorbells in different lighting situations daylight low light and no light sky bell wins in video quality hands-down it's really apparent that the sky Bell video is a lot better than either of the Rings in terms of color and details even in low light or no light the sky Bell has the best video quality it has a light on the top of

it that shines upwards and illuminates the area in front of it the Rings both use infrared light so there is no visible light to alert people you are recording but since it's using infrared light the video is in black and white motion detection the ring pro was the best at motion detection followed by the ring this is what the apps look like when defining where to monitor they both use the video camera

image to detect motion this allows you to define zones that you want to monitor for motion and those that you do not this reduces the number of false positives while ensuring you capture relevant motion while the skybell uses a traditional motion detector similar to one you would find on motion activated lights skybell just gives you three settings high medium and low sensitivity this gives you less flexibility to define which area you want to watch

for motion another shortcoming of this system is that the sky Bell does not start recording until after ten to thirty seconds of motion depending on the sensitivity you set here's an example of how quickly the ring pro starts recording I'm dropping off a package and the ring pro is the first to start the video recording followed by the ring then the sky Bell then in this next example I'm going to pretend to steal

the package running up the ring Pro is the first to start the recording then the ring then the sky Bell HD then in this final example I'm coming out of the front door ring pro first to start then the sky Bell is actually second and then the rain so the skybell is quicker to activate when it's a closer up motion field of view the ring has the tallest field of view I use

this to see if I have any packages on the ground in front of my door on the ring Pro and skybell you would need to have the camera several feet further away from your door to have the ground in the field of view if you just want to see visitors faces this isn't a problem app and website the Rings use the same app so we're only comparing two apps ring and sky

bells both apps work fine but I prefer the rings look and feel it has that clean simple Apple look to it ring also has a website you can log into and see your account info and recordings ring also recently launched a desktop app that gives you all the same capabilities as the mobile app with Skibo you do it all on the app the thumbnail image on the skybell app is a handy feature

to quickly see what is on that video when your doorbell record someone at your door the video files are sent to ring or skybell and they store the video files on their servers so you can then watch those videos at a later time this is called cloud storage skybell gives you seven days of free storage while ring charges you three dollars a month or $30 a year per device for six months of storage

considering I'm not yet needed to look back more than seven days this is a big advantage for skybell you buy the device and that's it no fees no fees these additional features skybell gets a lot of the small things right for example on Sky bail you can silence the doorbell if you're on a call and you don't want your dog to go nuts or wake your sleeping baby when it hears the chime

on ring you can only turn off the inside chime but the outside doorbell will always make a chime sound skybell also has an optional wedge mount that adjusts the viewing angle 15 to 20 degrees I ended up building my own for my ring so I could see packages left at my door the Rings have an optional indoor chime the plays a sound when someone pushes the button this way you can locate the chime

anywhere in your house and you don't need your old doorbell chime and the winner is the ring pro the ring pro is the overall winner based on its advanced motion detection it was the best at identifying relevant motion and was able to record the entire event starting a few seconds before the motion occurred the picture was not as nice as the sky bell but it's good enough in second place is the ring

compared to the ring pro the Rings video quality is a little lower and so is its motion detection abilities but still usable the ring is a good lower-cost alternative to the ring pro also good if you don't have power since it has a built-in battery in third place is the sky belt the sky bell has amazing video quality and no fees for cloud storage making it the lowest cost option when you

factor in cloud storage but it was the worst at motion detection which is a pretty big compromise the video quality won't matter if it's not recording thanks for watching please subscribe and give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video leave a comment if you have any questions you

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hi I'm Mike and welcome to your guide this is a review of the top three video doorbells the ring ring pro and skybell HD I have been using the rain for a year and it has quickly become one of the gadgets that I can't live without video doorbells have several benefits first you can see who's at your door imagine you're watching ...