Review: Zmodo Greet Video Doorbell

Hey everybody it's gigantic and this is smarter home life I'm back with another product review today it's a security-related product review a video doorbell these are really popular these days this one is again from our friends over at Z moto and before I go any further I should say that this is a video that is made possible by them as he they supplied a number of products for

review and testing to smarter on life so you could consider this a sponsored video so anyways full disclosure and a big thanks to the voto for supplying these products to us to check out so on video doorbell you know pretty simple device it's it's a door relevant also records video gives you motion alerts and allows you to communicate with on who's at your door whether you're at home or somewhere else but of course

the challenge here at the smart home life tiny house I don't have a wire ding doorbell which is generally required for most of these for the best operation and there are a few from other manufacturers that are battery operated but most of them perform best when on power and the Z moto greet video doorbell only works on actual existing doorbell wiring so luckily a friend of mine actually decided that he would take up

the charge in testing and checking out the video doorbell for a few months and then he was going to let me come over there and chat with him about his experiences so it's time for a field trip oh uh yeah I did well super I'll be right there so anyways Clayton you were telling me about what you've been adding cameras to your place over the years and of course I gave you this to

test a couple months ago I think it's been so tell me what your experience like some people find that they start capturing some interesting things once security cameras are added to their home it was all the timing for when you gave it to me because I had about a year previous I put up some other cameras around my place and it was noticing different activity I never realized that - how busy my neighborhood

wasn't until you actually have was right where you're like I found out how busy my cats were many times my god I started using two security cameras couple months ago and I kind of was like oh do I really want to know what potentially goes on but I guess you know so interestingly about a week after I installed the Zita Mizumoto camera um my other cameras have picked up some motion in the

neighborhood okay doc Brenna I was dead asleep right but it obviously picked up everything and I woke up to some alerts from Mizumoto camera this is actually a live shot you you log in to their site right the v-moda website right and then this is the live shot from the greet doorbell and from the hdbo so it's like is waiting and then if viewers uh have the interest obviously the iOS on my

phone right for that I'm assuming they have an Android application we're watching this live show through their website through Windows just like you could do it who apples apart yeah but right after the camera was installed oddly there was a guy going through the neighborhood the middle of the night going door to door checking vehicle car doors for being locked and houses filming the neighbors open the neighborhood out and what he wound up doing

was as he came down the street he wound up coming to front porch and thinking that he was covering the camera he was covering the door but the lit up doorbell button and got amazing screenshots of him that I later turned over to the police and they matched it up with the guy that they arrested later on that morning and it just happened to corroborate the story and make him validate yes they

got the right guy that's a great use case I mean obviously he was drunk or whatever if he thought that the camera was the light up right well he put his can hand over the under be impressed he didn't bring this or did not ring the doorbell I know sometimes they do that so he did not ring the robo you just covered the what he thought was the camera the camera is

slightly above the doorbell button set snagged him mid gray so no that was that was really cool now what I do like a lot about it is from the other cameras that I have I can't tell if somebody's specifically on my front porch okay for like packed it's not just delivering so multiple times I get alerts home and away for activity on the front porch okay um most of the time it's cars or

other traffic right but we're told if someone's just going to drive by and make the image morning there was a vehicle or visors and I missed it okay um but just about a week ago an Amazon package was dropped by she rang the bell to notify me okay and in that rare occasion the driver was on the porch long enough for me to ask to be able to get to the app and

then communicate with rain right more often than not what happens is the drivers they're in a hurry right they drop the packages off and ring the bell to notify you right but by the time you never even get to the app and get to them they're gone back to their truck or gone filling it that's one of the things I don't have a lot of door visitors but the notifications are nice and you

know the mailman's been there right the packages have been delivered so that's pretty cool that's cool and you get obviously you get the motion notifications and you also get the doorbells you know these riders Eagle button notifications right on the song Journal that's super helpful what's been like other than that in terms of having you had any challenges with the greet doorbell or any kind of issues with it since you've been using it

now since I've been using it the one thing that I I don't like I have a little frustration with is is like from the time you get the doorbell alerts to the time you swipe and the app comes up and you get connected seems a little bit delayed a little bit of a lag with that and they're working on their evil just working on their cloud infrastructure and they're supposed to be improving it

over time but also they've got a big cloud release coming this summer so cool with video recording and whatnot so maybe that's going to go away could be that but I also I noticed that it doesn't matter if I am home on the same Wi-Fi network as the doorbell or if I'm driving around or if I'm somewhere else it doesn't really matter okay um but once it connects I can talk easily familiar

that's all good any images lying may be great it located to me that's a crazy image to have coming out of a doorbell I have an idea who would have thought five years ago did people have don't repel camp right I mean it was not a thing yeah but then again it back five years ago not everybody was having everything delivered yeah everyone delivered commands every other doesn't fit oh yeah and in the

nice you know so much of our lives being captured on video and some mobile for my particular instance as you guys can see from this shot obviously the yard the stree the vehicles better lit up well but because of the shadow in my front porch it's a little darker so for daytime face recognition it's a little more challenging but at nighttime and I'll email you a couple of pictures in the video right um

the nighttime night vision is fantastic so any walks up and I hit the guy who knows it's prevail shirt with caught you know lovely on your on your yeah but so I think for other applications depending on where the cameras position what your lighting situation is obviously you're going to have a different experience than I am with regards to how dark these porches Elleni total cameras DM now currently including Mizumoto doorbell camera six six

all right well you've got the whole place covered really pretty well pretty well and it's it's amazing that and it may be completely mental in my head the security that you feel you know activities happening I don't care if the trash truck is going through the alley the backyard camera catches it I know when it happened other animals in the yard you know I find out it's gone whatever cross traffic in the neighborhood

comes to but I think it gives me a good sense of security knowing what's going on so uh I don't want to live without them cool cool well thanks so much for testing you know obviously you're going to hang on to it and use it and yeah so I would i look forward updates from zero to I think that aggressively thanks for grooving on facial let me do it Joe absolutely thanks in

sivak you betcha so the Greek video doorbell retails for $150 it's available over at emoto's website I'll have a link to that in the video description in over at smarter home you'll see older versions of it versions that don't look the same popping up around the web at Best Buy and Amazon but the current version is available at least only for the moment perhaps they'll expand it out to the other sites but

for right now it's only over at the motos website now add $150 this is definitely a little bit lower than the competition this generally goes for most of SIBO those products I think that you're still getting a really good value because you're getting all of the core features right people buy these products because they want to know what's going on outside if maybe you have like Clayton does a number of other security cameras

but having that video doorbell right at your front door you know when people have dropped off packages you know when someone who is walking around the house who shouldn't be and obviously if someone actually does ring the doorbell you can communicate with them or at least you know that you've got that long history of people who actually rang the bell whether they state you know to chat with you or not is a whole

different question and the night vision capabilities are quite excellent with with the quality of damages that you saw that was captured by Clayton's greed so I still think that the modal's products are a pretty good value for the money and and that you should take a look at at possibly getting one if it's if it does make sense for you now I want to say again I quick thank you to Clayton for

testing the product out for letting me head over to his place and talk to him about his experiences and of course a big big thanks to our friends over at the moto for sending along a few different products one more there was one more review coming up in the next couple weeks again a security related product so again thank you to Z moto for supplying needs to make these reviews possible and speaking of

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Hey everybody it's gigantic and this is smarter home life I'm back with another product review today it's a security-related product review a video doorbell these are really popular these days this one is again from our friends over at Z moto and before I go any further I should say that this is a video that is made possible by them as he they supplied a numbe...