What does the Grumblies toy do? 

What does the Grumblies toy do?

What does the do?     What is the Grumblies toy?  Grumblies toy is a new set of interactive toys by Skyrocket recently that aspires to take an active part in our daily lives.

And why shouldn’t it? Skyrocket has introduced these toys as a set of 4 furry creatures which are capable of showing 40 different kinds of noises and hence, 40 different kinds of emotions. These 4 creatures have different personalities and characteristics.

One can poke them, flip them and shake them to rouse these creatures. The toys then make noises that express their emotions. The basic activity to do here is hit the toy.   They go by the name of Scorch, Hydra, Bolt and Tremor. They all represent elements of the earth i.e Scorch represents lava, Hydra -tsunamis, Bolt- thunder and lightning and tremor earthquakes. Accordingly, the toys react in different noises like scream, fart, burp or any of the other 37 noises.

These toys have a potential to meltdown. So the basic goal is for the user to get them to meltdown mode which is when hell freezes over.  Backstory  So basically these creatures live under the earth.

When the user pokes, slaps, flips and shakes them, they get annoyed and gradually become furious. This forces them to come to earth and start a catastrophe. This is when they start making a chaos.

What do we do now?

Being an interactive toy it is, we try to calm them down in many ways in order to bring peace to the world again. The user can get as creative as they want here.  How is it an interactive toy?  The basic idea behind the Grumblies toy was to expose children to emotions and expressions.

When they counter these reactions, they learn more about themselves. It was designed in a way so that it shows what siblings usually experience in the early days.

Since they are the ones who hit them and later calm them down, they indirectly learn how to control themselves at a subconscious level. These toys are made for children of the age of 5 years and higher. It is a tender and right age to start teaching them little tricks of the trade since this is when they actually develop their brain and register different happenings and occurring.

Grumblies are a great way to help interact with your child. It is more effective to teach your child in a way that they understand why something should be done or more importantly, why it shouldn’t be done. This gives them a sense of independence and responsibility.  These toys might just be the toy you would want to help control your children. It is available on Amazon just a click away.  Go get yours now!- https://www.amazon.com