Using an Unlocked Iphone 4 on T-mobile USA

*****See UPDATE information below for fastest way to Jailbreak and Unlock your Iphone 4***** Things you will need: Iphone 4 running Firmware 4.0, 4.1, or 4.0.1 T-mobile Sim and Sim Cutter Research Information For Jailbreaking and Unlocking Procedures. For Everything you need and tools to Jailbreak and Unlock your iphone if it is not factory unlocked please visit the “Iphone Dev Team” blog at www.blog.iphone-dev.org Follow their procedures for safely Jailbreaking and Unlocking your device then proceed to cutting your Sim and sticking it in your Iphone 4. Enjoy your Unlocked Device!! 😉 UPDATE****** Quickest way to Jailbreak and Unlock****** Step 1: Start iTunes and backup everything from Contacts, Calendars, Photos, Videos and Apps. Step 2: Open Safari on your iPhone 4, 3GS or 3G and navigate to jailbreakme.com. Step 3 “Slide to Jailbreak” to begin the jailbreak process. Step4: Once Jailbreaking is Complete follow guide here to get your Phone Unlocked… www.redmondpie.com What is the Difference between a Software Unlock vs Factory Unlocked Iphone? A Software unlock method of Unlocking iphone initially locked to a service provider before it was shipped from apple, Such as, all iphones shipped in the US. Using a Software program that can be found online known as “Jailbreaking and Unlocking” you are able to Unlock your device by means of software hack. (This is not Permanent), If you ever need to update your operating system or you need to restore your phone you will lose