Unveiling The Sonos Beam and Release Date 2018

Unveiling The Beam and Release Date


The Sonos Beam soundbar is an innovative TV soundbar that comes with amazing features, the most notable one of which is letting you us ’s Alexa to control your sound experience.

Notably, the beam is priced lower than other market leaders and comes at a relatively smaller size; a combination that makes it one of Sonos’ most ingenious releases over the recent past. Let’s dig deeper into some of its great features.

What’s In The Box?

It comes in a neat package where the body is wrapped in a piece of knitted-polyester and the guts of the speaker include 3 passive radiators, a single center-tweeter, 5-microphone array of voice-control and 4 tailor-made full-range woofers.


Supporting A Trio of Voice-Assistants

The Sonos Beam has been designed to support ’s , Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri on the same device. This is a creative addition considering each of the mentioned companies has its own sound quality expectations for the smart-home hardware.

Still on shape, it’s important to remember that the Sonos Beam can be mounted on the wall because of its rather sleek design.

At the back of the Beam are 3 ports for; , power and HDMI-ARC. Even better, there is an inclusion of an HDMI-to-optical adapter just in case your TV set does not support the HDMI-ARC system.

’Multitasking’’ Speakers

While many new users will see the Sonos Beam as a mere TV Soundbar, those who have owned such a soundbar before might find more uses to it.

The beam will supply audios for shows and movies and while it may not enjoy the heavy and deep bass of some of its major competitors, it makes up for that by enhancing dialogue effects as well as soundtracks to ensure an overall balanced sound effect. When watching a movie, you will enjoy how well the sound is evened out to adjust to the ambience.

Taking The Alexa Experience A Notch Higher

We already mentioned that the sound bar works well with Alexa . This means you can literally ’talk into’’ the beam the same way you would to other systems that support Alexa. Even better, you can search for as well as download skills and the terms for voice apps used by Amazon. You can also set timers, control your TV with your voice among other voice commands any Alexa-supporting system would accommodate.

In terms of voice strategy, we might see the company teaming up with Apple’s AirPlay 2, a union that might limit the control of Siri over the Sonos Beam. The company is also thinking of incorporating Google-Assistant support, a feature that could take voice strategy to another level by, among other capabilities, allowing the user to start the music using one voice-assistant and then ask the other voice-assistant to identify the song.


Evidently, there is much to expect during the Sonos Beam release date and there is no telling how this will go in changing our sound experience. You can always check out for more information on this product or if you wish to make a purchase.

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