“Toys’R’us” Opening München Theresienhöhe am 9.12.2010

Europas größter Toys’R’us Spielzeugmarkt eröffnete am Morgen des 9.12.2010 auf der Münchner Theresienhöhe gleich ums Eck der Theresienwiese. Auf über 4000 qm…

1-Pack EZGuardZ© Fuhu NABI TABLET Toys R Us Screen Protectors (Ultra CLEAR)

Protect your valuable NABI with EZGuardZ© Screen Protectors, Optically Clear, and Ultra Scratch Resistant Protection. Each protector lasts 2-3 Months. EZGuardZ© are made out of PET plastic and Precision cut to the exact dimensions of your phone. Installation has 3 super easy steps: 1) Clean your screen. 2) Peel up 1-2 inches of the EZGuardZ© protector off of its backing, match and place on corner of your screen. 3) Using a Credit Card push out air bubbles and press the protector onto your phone.