Sonos Beam – The Smart and Affordable Soundbar

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Sonos Beam – The Smart and Affordable Soundbar

For those who want to add enhanced sound experience to their TV, options had been somewhat expensive with SonosPlayBar and Bose Soundtouch both priced well over $600. That is all set to change with the new Sonos Beam – The smart and affordable soundbar.

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Sonos Beam: Compact $399 soundbar with Alexa, ears-on

Sonos beam is priced at $399 at Amazon Amazon.comand comes with all the intelligence of PlayOne and form that is smaller than PlayBar. Sonos Beam fits comfortably in front of the TV or can be mounted on the wall. While looks and form are both impressive and minimalistic, what we want to look at is sound quality and ease of use.

Sonos is well known for it sound quality. The Beam takes a step further into future by going remote-less and voice controlled. Smart features of Sonos beam include full integration with built-in Alexa – the Amazon virtual assistant. Full integration with Alexa means, you can control any device that supports Alexa
(like Amazon FireTV) with voice control through Sonos Beam.

The Beam features four full-range woofers, a tweeter mounted at the center and three passive bass radiators along with the microphone array to pick up voice commands for Alexa. For those who wish to compare Sonos Beam vs Bose, the bass is just perfect – well, like the Bose but about $200 cheaper. The Beam is compatible with AirPlay which means you can control the soundtracks with Siri besides Alexa.

Sonos has designed Beam to be not just a soundbar for your TV but a complete single piece sound solution for TV, Music and for instructing Alexa. The Beam can be used to enhance the sound output of your TV, play music from your Apple devices using AirPlay, control Amazon music with Alexa and hundreds of streaming services with the Sonos App.

Installation is super quick and all you need on your TV is HDMI ARCAmazon.com port to control the TV with Alexa. Connect the Sonos Beam to power and your TVs HDMI ARC port, install the Sonos app and there you are, awaiting an enthralling moment with Beam’s super crisp and captivating sound. Sonosobsession with the design and sound can be clearly the Beam – the company’s flagship compact soundbar.

The Sonos Beam is releasing on 17th July and pre-orders are now open on Amazon.com. Get one for your living room and connect a subwoofer and a pair of rear speakers for a wireless home theater experience. Sonos Beam is a smart TV soundbar for less.

To Buy or to read more real people review please visit amazon.com for more click here.HDMI ARC port

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What is the Sonos Connect used for?
Sonos Connect:Amp. As its name suggest, the Connect:Amp is the amplified version of the Connect. It still connects to your existing system and enables you to wirelessly play your music via the Sonos Controller app. It functions in place of a receiver and can power large or small speakers with 55 watts, per channel.Mar 10, 2016
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What is Sonosnet?
SonosNet is the dedicated wireless network that Sonos creates when operating in a BOOST Setup. Connecting an Android device to SonosNet allows you to have control anywhere you have Sonos speakers, even outside of WiFi range.
Connecting an Android device to SonosNet – Get Answers about Sonos
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