Sonos Beam – The New Affordable Soundbar From Sonos


Beam – The New Affordable Soundbar From Sonos

Do you want the best wireless home theatresoftware updates? Then Sonos Beam from Sonos is the best alternative to go for. With the Sonos Beam which is a new and an affordable soundbar from Sonos, you are in a position of streaming music in any room within your house.

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Why Do You need to go for the Sonos Beam?

With the Sonos Beam, watching video games, streaming of movies, listening to a radio, television, music, podcasts or audiobooks is not a challenge anymore. As a result, this wireless home theatre gives you a chance of experiencing a detailed and a rich sound throughout the room.

The design of the Sonos Beam is specifically directed to the homes. This is through the fact that it can be directly placed on the wall mount or on the television stand. Moreover, the Sonos Beam comes with a Sonos app through which listening to a quite number of other streaming services is not a challenge anymore. Through the Sonos app, you are also capable of playing hundred of music directly from Spotify, SiriusXM, and a number of other music sources.

Sonos BeamSonos Beamforming

The Sonos Beam soundbar is now available

Another unique feature associated with this home theatre is the addition of the video streaming device that is Alexa supported. The common streaming device used in this case is the Fire TV. This device is essential when it comes to offering remote-free control. The only tasks you are required to undertake include finding, starting, and managing the movies and the shows through asking.

With the Sonos Beam, the listening experience is improved at any given time. This is aided by the presence of the software updates. Furthermore, with this home theatre, performing any set-up does not consume much time. This is a process known to be easy and fast with the aid of the Sonos app. To make it successful, the Beam together with the television is required to be connected to the power supply. The next step is following the instructions as per the Sonos app.

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For the creation of the home sound system, the Sonos speakers are required to be connected without any wire. Through this, a home theatre system consisting of the sub and the two rear speakers will be created.

Finally, you are in a position of playing the sound directly from the Apple devices to the Sonos using the AirPlay or the Ask Siri.

Hope now you know all the information about Sonos Beam – the New Affordable Soundbar From Sonos? Hesitate no more! Make a step to visit Amazon.com and purchase this wireless home theatre and start enjoying its outstanding results!

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Sonos Beamforming Speaker

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A Sonos favorite, this Leon Bridges track delivers a punchy drumline and clear bassline. As the other instruments join in, everything comes together cleanly, without the sound feeling congested.

Clear and focused vocals, simple instrumentation in the verses, full choruses—this song really delivers it all. Pay attention to the clarity in Janelle’s vocals amongst the various other elements of the track.

This track is a great example of Beam delivering detailed stereo image for music. The percussion from the start of the track is panned hard left and right, so you can really hear the separation.

The great low bass lines really bring soul to this song. Beam is able to balance the bass while simultaneously sounding great for the vocals and overall production. Introducing SonosCurated from These Movies, TV Shows, and Songs Sound Amazing on Sonos Beam—We Know, We Tested Them | Sonos Blog

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