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Sonos Beam Soundbar Review – Quickly build your home sound system with these speaker sets.

The Sonos Beam Soundbar is a small and relatively inexpensive TV soundbar; it is among the first soundbars with integrated microphones for Alexa. It also features an HDMI connection and sound control assistants such as Apple Siri and Google Assistant.

The Soundbar is notably more condensed than its predecessors. It measures about sixty-five centimeters and also weighs about three kilograms.

It features some touch controls buttons at the top to make it easy to select and control the sound; these controls allow you to forward or rewind the playlist, increase or decrease volume, pause or resume playing, and mute the microphone. It also has a LED indicator to display the speaker’s status, sound response. The rear side of the speaker features a pairing switch, HDMI link, power connection and ethernet port.

The Sonos Beam Soundbar is available in white and black designs; it has an attractive and stylish appearance than its previous siblings. The Sonos beam has a small and light build which makes it perfect for living rooms of all sizes because it does not need a lot of space to fit. In addition, the soundbar can be mounted on the wall to free up space for other things.

The Sonos Beam Soundbar contains 4 full-range speakers, a tweeter, 5 amplifiers and 3 submissive radiators; the speakers and radiators are situated at the speakers’ front side, and on the soundbar’s edges thus they are able to direct the sound in all directions across the room to achieve an impressive sound around the entire room.

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A Smart Speaker That Sounds Bigger Than It Looks

The Sonos Beam features five microphones to help in Voice control; this ensures that the Soundbar can capture your voice from any part of the room. Also, the receivers can capture your voice as the bar plays music and give out clear sound without any interruption from the music.

The Sonos Beam Soundbar has the capability to support Airplay which enables you to create a system that works in several rooms in your house; it also supports devices from other manufacturers. The Sonos Beam Soundbar can also link with a television allowing you to control the TV sound. It uses the TV’s remote to adjust the volume. When you are using several devices, you need to plug them into your TV directly in order to use the TV remote to help you with input switching.

You will require downloading the Sonos application to help you take care of various setups. Consider ordering The Sonos Beam Soundbar from Amazon to enjoy great discounts and timely delivery of the product. see more Review: Sonos Beam is the perfect smart soundbar for bedrooms and apartments

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About Sonos company.

In February 2011, Sirius XM was added to Sonos’ catalog of music services.[10] In July, the company announced the PLAY:3, a second, smaller, amplified speaker in its Play lineup of smart speakers[11] and added Spotify to its catalog.[12]MOG was also added to the catalog of services, with a free 14-day trial, in May.[13]

Sonos is an American consumer electronics company founded in 2002 by John MacFarlane, Craig Shelburne, Tom Cullen and Trung Mai, based in Santa Barbara, California. Sonos is widely known for the smart speakers it develops and manufactures.

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How do I get music to play on Sonos?

Open the Sonos app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Tap “This iPhone/iPad/iPod touch” from the Sonos music menu. Tap a selection to browse through the menus and select your music. Your selection will play in the room or group that is showing at the top of your display.
Playing music from an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

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Quickly build your home sound system with these speaker sets.

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