Sonos Beam Sound Bar vs Play 5 What’s the best Sonos soundbar?

Sonos Beam Sound Bar vs Play 5

Sonos Beam Sound Bar, the Perfect Complement for Your TV

The way we watch TV has changed, over the past few years we’ve seen a revolution take place, led by , Youtube, and other platforms, that have reshaped our preferences and made us stay home thanks to an almost infinite offer of audiovisual content.

These changes have been closely accompanied by the technological evolution in TVs, wider screens, increased definition, and slimmer sets have successfully combined with the new platforms to provide a renewed user experience that represents a total break with the past. Nevertheless, there’s still one key feature most TVs in the market are not able to properly provide to their users: a great sound system.

Built-in speakers are currently good enough for everyday use, watching the news, a sitcom or a talk show, but if you want to watch your favorite action series or the newest movie released on your platform you definitely need a sound system that matches your screen quality and that allows you to have the best possible time at home.

Soundbars represent just that, an amazing tool to boost your TV-watching experience by increasing sound quality to match the high definition screen you have at home and the sound effects of your favorite movies. You can find several models on but there’s one that definitely stands out for its combination of quality, size, and price.

The Sonos Beam Sound Bar

The Beam remarkably increases the sound experience of a TV set thanks to its top of the art technical features, especially focusing on superior dialogue quality due to its speech enhancing technology. This will allow you to capture every detail of the conversation your favorite characters are having while not losing any of the accompanying sounds that the wanted you to hear.

Another top feature of the Beam is Voice Control, which you can use through Amazon’s to turn on and off, as well as to manage the sound system or to simply use Alexa’s other skills. It can also be easily paired with your TV and remote, something that’s always good to keep in mind when buying a soundbar.

In contrast to bigger and more powerful Sonos products like the Play 5, the Beam is compact and versatile and has been designed for small or mid-size spaces, conveniently fitting below your TV or hanging on the wall. That makes it the perfect choice for you.

– How Beam compares to Playbar All-in-one systems Cover every inch of your home in sound.

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