Skyrocket’s Grumblies toy – Christmas toy for 2018? 

Skyrocket’s Grumblies toy – Christmas toy for 2018?

Finding the perfect gift for a child is not always easy, especially if it is a boy and he is more likely to destroy everything in less time than it takes to say, because of his strong temper.

Why not consider one of the new grumblies, the latest toys from the famous manufacturer Skyrocket as a Christmas present for 2018?

Who are the grumblies?

Skyrocket presented in February 2018 a new collection of toys: the grumblies! These monsters live in the big secret in unexplored places of planet earth. They are very susceptible, capricious, and angry.

According to the legend, it is from their excesses of anger that were born the worst cataclysmic phenomenal known to date: Tsunami, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanism, lightning, thunder, cyclones, etc. … You should not, in any case, make them angry, or it’s probably the last thing you’ll do in your life!

Will you have the courage to make them angry?  Thanks to pressure sensors on both sides of the doll, grumblies dolls react when you hit them or push them. A voice synthesizer reproduces rude words, farts, which intensify as you hit the doll, to make you understand that they are angry.

When you beat it until you reach a certain peak of anger, they enter into a murderous rage and moves in all directions, trying to make your skin. But his anger fades after a few times, so you can start the process over again.  For whom are the grumblies toys for skyrocket intended for?

These fun and angry dolls have been specially designed for boys, and for all the boisterous and angry children who have brawling tendencies. Instead of hitting on their siblings or their friend, they can easily let off steam on their grumblies doll, who is an excellent opponent with whom they can fight on a level playing field.

They are also beautiful pieces that could please collectors.  Four different characters for more fun  The Grumblies doll family looks very large!

Although we do not know their affiliation, there are four different grumblies dolls. They differ from each other in color, appearance, and personality:  –Scorch: Red in color, it symbolizes fire (or more exactly lava). It is to him that volcanic phenomena are attributed;  –Hydro: light blue, it is responsible for tidal radars, tsunamis, hurricanes, and all other cataclysms related to the water element;  — Bolt: it is purple in color and is responsible for lightning and tornadoes.  –Tremor: of green color, it is responsible for the cataclysms related to the element earth: earthquakes, landslides, etc. …

When will they be available?  Although the grumblies toys have been presented since February 2018 at the annual toy fair in NYC, they are not yet available on the market But they will be available until the period of Christmas 2018. they would make an ideal Christmas present.

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