Skyrocket Grumblies – the most popular toy of 2018 

Skyrocket Grumblies – the most popular toy of 2018

The 115th chapter of the North American International Toy Fair hosted at the Javit’s center introduced a great new interactive toy created by the company skyrocket for kids who are five years and above.

Known for their innovative and technology-driven toys, Skyrocket has launched The Grumblies which are an interesting set of wearable virtual pets.

Unlike the commonly found interactive toys which exhibit positive reactions based on how a child plays with it, the Grumblies behave in a fiery manner and are even capable of having a meltdown once they are handled with a fair amount of aggression.

Hence if one rolls, shakes, flips or pokes the Grumblies they will spiral into a state of frenzy and need to be calmed down. Given this interesting nature of the toy every child will want to lay their hands on the – The MOST Fun toy of 2018!

The Grumblies have been designed with an interesting storyline which states that they are creatures who secretly live deep within the earth and are hidden from mankind. They have been described as short-tempered and mischievous creatures that have the capability of creating natural calamities like volcanoes, earthquakes, and even supernatural chaos.

The Grumblies are available in four variants or rather characters which have been aptly named as Scorch, Bolt, Hydro, and Tremor. The toys are also designed in such a way that they can produce up to forty different types of sounds and reactions when they are exhibiting the frenzied state that finally leads to an epic meltdown.

These toys that are suitable for kids of four years and above is expected to be one of the most popular toys of the season. Not only do they have the potential of being extremely entertaining but can also be a great medium through which children can start learning about realistic emotions and reactions to possibly aggressive behavior.

Unlike the cuddly teddy bears and the other stuffed virtual pets which remain lifeless even after kids handle them roughly, the Grumblies can actually condition the kids to gather the fact that actions, like hitting, poking, rolling or any way of messing up, will call for a reaction from the person these actions are subject to. Therefore it will not be an exaggeration to state that the grumblies apart from being highly entertaining and fun can also teach the kids to learn to handle their emotions.  The Grumblies will be available for sale right before Christmas of 2018 and will surely be loved by kids immensely.