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Ring Video Doorbell 2 review:

If you’re looking to buy the Ring Video Doorbell 2 or you are considering investing in a Ring Video Doorbell 2 this article will give you the full review of this product.

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How high should a doorbell be placed?

You want the doorbell to be visible and easily reached. A standard mounting height is 48″ above the floor. For handicapped accessible homes, 48″ would be the maximum height. Often they are set slightly lower for wheelchair access.Jul 23, 2016

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How long does the battery last in the ring doorbell?

(The $250 Ring Pro can stream 1080p video, but it requires an existing hardwired doorbell). Ring says the rechargeable battery will last between six months and a year. We can’t verify that, but we can say that at the time of writing (a little under one month since install), we have 58 percent battery life left.May 9, 2017

How do you install a ring doorbell?

Click here for information on setting up your Ring Doorbell.
  1. Step One – Remove Your Old Doorbell Button. …
  2. Step Two: Line Up the Mounting Bracket. …
  3. Step Three: Drill Holes. …
  4. Step Four: Remove the Level Tool from the Mounting Bracket.
  5. Step Five: Connect Your Doorbell Wiring to the Terminal Screws Located on the Mounting Bracket.

Where is the transformer for the doorbell?

Sometimes it’s mounted on a floor joist in the basement, below the doorbell, in a closet, in the attic (possibly buried under insulation), or in a crawlspace. Or, it may be located inside an electrical box, near the electrical panel or the doorbell.Nov 27, 2016

How long does the battery last on the ring stick up cam?

The rechargeable battery is internal and no additional batteries need to be purchased. Ring is said to have around 6-12 months of battery life before requiring a full re-charge, but many people have reported that the battery life did not end up lasting that long.Sep 1, 2016

How do you know if a doorbell transformer is bad?

Test Transformer. You’ll find most doorbell transformers near the main electrical panel. Set the multimeter to voltage setting, and place its probes on the screws where the small-gauge doorbell wires are attached. If the multimeter reads 16 volts or so, the transformer is fine; go to Step 5.

How do you install a doorbell?

Replace a Wired Doorbell With a Wireless Model
  1. Turn off the electricity. …
  2. Remove the old doorbell button. …
  3. Install the wireless button/transmitter. …
  4. Install the wireless receiver/sound unit. …
  5. Test the doorbell. …
  6. Turn off the electricity. …
  7. Remove the old doorbell (button/buzzer/bell, chime unit or transformer)

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