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  New Sonos Soundbar 2018 From Sonos – Sonos Playbar review:

Founded in 2002, Sonos has been a very innovative company providing high-end consumer electronics. Sonos has been on the frontline of the wireless solutions for multimedia speakers giving us an array of smart speakers like the Sonos One, the Playbar, the Playbase and many more. With the release to the all-new Sonos beam Soundbarcompact solution, we continue to revel at the might of the company’s innovativeness and creativity. Here we shall review the new Sonos beam soundbar, in brief, detailing its features.

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What to look forward to – Specs – What’s going on?

Let us now review just a few of the specifications of the Sonos Beam Soundbarconsumer electronics. We shall briefly outline what it basically comes with to
see why it stands out at the pinnacle of the wireless solutions for a home entertainment system.

Four full-range woofers, this ensures a high-quality playback of mid-range vocal frequencies plus a deep, rich base.

One tweeter, this provides a clear, crisp dialogue

Adjustable Bass and treble controls enable customization of sound to perfectly suit your room or a group of rooms.

Three passive radiators, this helps in the movement of air inside the compact design of the Sonos Beam and also adds warmth to the bass sound.

Five Class-D digital amplifiers: These are perfectly tuned to match the acoustic architecture of the Sonos Beam and speaker drivers.

Top-panel that features capacitive touch controls for volume adjustment, previous/next, play/pause, microphone mute, status indicators for Led and mute, and voice feedback.

HDMI ARC and Optical Audio adapter for connecting to your TV

The Sonos Beam weighs 6.2 lbs. (2.8 kg), and its dimensions are 2.7×25.625×3.94 inches (68.5x651x100 mm), this makes it a bit more compact
than its predecessors but they haven’t tampered with the sound quality that we love from Sonos Products.


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Pros – How Sonos Beam compares to Playbar

  • The Compact and stylish design looks perfect
  • It is relatively cheaper than its predecessors
  • Easy to setup
  • Impressive 3d sound output
  • Astounding weight and depth of bass
  • Sonos music streaming and multi-room capabilities
  • Can control your TV by HDMI port if your device has the CEC feature
  • Voice commands capabilities via Alexa thus adding smart control features to your TV and Soundbar

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Cons – Best soundbars for TV, movies, and music in 2018

  • A bit Sibilant at higher volumes with poor audio
  • Additional HDMI ports would be nice
  • Though great for music and movies, it lacks impact for action sound effects.
  • Still does not support Google assistant
  • Alexa hot-word is very sensitive
  • You cannot control the Sonos Beam with the TV remote, just the voice commands, apps and buttons on the device

Conclusion and Features: the upgrade every living room deserves

The Sonos Beam Soundbar elevates your home, bringing it a step closer towards smart-home technology. This is a very perfect system for
everyone seeking a small, compact solution for an entertainment center. This product was not meant to be a replacement of the Playbar or Playbase rather an addition. Coupled with the others you will get a better smart home theatre system, though it might be a pricey upgrade the outcome is enviable to most.

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