New releases LittleBits Hall of Fame Kits review

LittleBits Hall of Fame Kits

If you don’t’ already know about LittleBits, I believe it’s time to learn about them. LittleBits is an interesting way to teach the little ones how to build their own electronics and toys. They have been around for quite some time, but they’re not cheap. For example, there’s the Star Wars Droid inventor set that goes for $100, while there’s others on the market that can go well beyond that price tag. However, for those of you that are looking to get into LittleBits, there’s good news for you – the company has recently introduced “Hall of Fame” kits, which are only $40.

What Are the LittleBits Hall of Fame Kits?

The Hall of Fame kits are based on inventions that were submitted by the LittleBits community and I must say, if you’re looking to create some good gadgets, you’re going to like these kits.

Crawly Creature

This one right here just so happens to be one of my favorites. It will give you the opportunity to make a creepy-crawly pet or even a moving collage.

Bubble Bot

If you’re into bubble-blowers, then you will want to go for the Bubble Bot, which will allow you to create your own bubble blowing robot.

Magic 8 Ball

There’s also a kit that is similar to a Magic 8 Ball and will let you predict your future. Of course, it’s not really predicting the future, it’s all for fun.

Night of Light

The Night of Light kit is really cool. It comes with all of the parts you need in order to make your very own night light.

Arcade Game Hall Kit

Arcade Game Hall kit as it has all the Bits you need in order to put your very of pinball machine together.


Each one of these kits come with instructions and templates to make the process easier. However, you don’t have to follow the instructions. In fact, you can use the accessories in the kit and come up with your own idea.

Release Date

These kits are set to be released at the beginning of May, but they aren’t going to be available in the brick-and-mortar stores. These kits can only be purchased online as they are e-commerce exclusives.


If you have a little one, then I’m telling you right now, the LittleBits Hall of Fame Kits will definitely keep them busy. Plus, they are a great way to introduce your children to building their own toys and an even better way to build up their imagination.