Moterola Xoom Vs & Apple I Pad

Moterola Xoom Vs Apple I Pad  & gift ideas

When it comes to Tablets pretty much everyone thinks of Apple’s Ipad. It is the most common and most talked about tablet on the market. Pretty much everyone has at least heard about it. However it is hardly the only tablet. There are actually a lot of models to choose from when shopping for a tablet, just like anything else. If you are looking for the best deal, this can actually make it kind of difficult as you probably have not heard much about other tablets.

One of the new tablets on the market is the Motorola Xoom. The Xoom has a lot of features to offer and really, when it comes down to trying to determine which tablet to go with it ultimately comes down to the Moterola Xoom vs Apple I Pad. The Xoom comes at roughly the same price as the Ipad so there is no real money advantage for either party in this match up. So then it comes down to features and which gets the most bang for it’s buck.

Display Screen. The first thing you will notice on any computer is it’s screen. The Motorola Xoom sports an impressive 10.1 inch screen with a 1280 x 800 resolution. What this means is that it has a very sharp contrast and better supports high definition videos. The Ipad, on the other hand, only has a 9.7 inch screen with a resolution of only 1024 x 768. While still impressive it is lacking compared to the Xoom.

Processing Power. Another thing to look at when comparing Moterola Xoom vs Apple I Pad is their processing capabilities. The more powerful the processor, the faster the tablet can handle functions. When it comes to processing the Xoom wins out with it’s 2.1 GHz dual core processor. The Apple Ipad only sports a single core processor. This really becomes noticeable when you do a lot of multitasking and have a lot of applications open at one time.

System Software. Software is the life’s blood of any computer. So it is important to make sure your tablet has a good operating system. The Xoom supports Google’s Android 3.0 operating system which is newer and faster than Ipad’s IOS 4.2. However because it is newer, it is also less stable and more prone to crashing and freezing up. Also because it is newer it does not support as many games or applications as the Ipad does.

Connectivity and Flexibility. In the Moterola Xoom vs Apple I Pad match up, flexibility is a very important factor. Having a device that can not really do anything is never a good thing. When it comes to connectivity and flexibility, the Xoom wins out once again. The Xoom supports both USB and Bluetooth connections which allow it to more easily transfer data between devices.

As well it will come with 4G Wifi support which is significantly faster than the Ipad’s 3G. The Ipad, on the other hand, does not have USB support which many Ipad fans have complained about in the past.

Moterola Xoom Vs – Apple I Pad