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WHAT YOU GET: SET OF 4 SkaterTrainer 2.0’s Exclusive SkaterTrainer Stickers How SkaterTrainers WorkSkateboard tricks happen in a fraction of a second. Even the most basic tricks involve several steps that have to happen quick. With the skateboard stopped, it is so much easier to figure out the steps and work on your coordination without worrying about your skateboard slipping out or rolling away. Once you figure out the motions with SkaterTrainers, it is the exact same motion without….making it much faster and easier to progress to rolling tricks.FeaturesFits almost ANY skateboard wheel (48mm-65mm+)Super easy to install and take offNever slips or needs adjustmentWho Are SkaterTrainers For?We’ve had great responses from a HUGE variety of people. Some of them include:Brand new skatersYounger skaters who want to master tricks fasterPeople who want to practice indoors (in bad weather or late at night)Older guys who want to re-learn their old movesGuys who want to mess around on their boards at work ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Skater Trainers have hundreds of 5 star reviews online. Recommended by Aaron Kyro of Braille Skateboarding, pro skater, and worlds leading skateboard instructor “I recommend this for anyone that wants to get over that fear…..they will help you to learn fast”_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Who Are We*This is the only official Skater Trainer Ebay page where you can purchase directly from the makers.Hi, I’m Roger from Oklahoma and I invented SkaterTrainers to help people learn new tricks fast. I skated when I was a kid and after 25 years without a board I thought I’d try again. At first, I tried using a sidewalk crack to ollie, but I never landed back in the crack and the board would shoot out from under me causing me to fall and become discouraged. Next, I tried in the grass but I couldn’t get the pop that I could on hard concrete. After some planning and research, SkaterTrainers were born. Finally I had a way to learn new tricks fast, increase my confidence, and practice without bailing on the trick before I even land it. Since we launched SkaterTrainers in 2013 people all over the world have been learning to skate faster. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–SkaterTrainer is one of those “why doesn’t this already exist” inventions because it solves the biggest problem new skaters have always faced…Stop the wheels from rolling while you figure out the stepsWant a better Ollie? Struggling with your Kickflip?Grab your 4-pack of SkaterTrainer 2.0, skateboard, helmet and gear and head out the door. Simply pop the trainers around the skateboard wheels and they will stop the board from slipping while you learn balance and practice your tricks.Practicing difficult foot movements on a stabilized board improves confidence and speeds up progress. Then, once you’ve built the muscle memory for executing and landing the trick correctly, you can start increasing movement on the board. When you have it down, just pull the SkaterTrainers off and get the trick rolling.Training wheels for your skateboard tricks…SkaterTrainers are made from a specialty selected rubber for a combination of stretch and durability. This means they can be installed and used for hundreds of skate sessions.They never need adjustment and stay in place until you are ready to take them off. We have helped thousands learn tricks… we guarantee they will help you learn some skateboard skills and the basic tricks like ollies, kickflips, shove-its, manuals and more.

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