Kingtoy Inflatable Swimming Pool Summer Outdoor Toy team play for 1-5 person adult and children PVC with Electric Air Pump Toy

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100% INTEX pool

Important notice: This Link is only sell for the 244cm X 76cm swimming pool

[Name] INTEX- dish Swimming Pool
[Structure] circular inflatable top ring
[Material] PVC tarpaulin tape
244cm diameter × 76cm high,

Weight: 7 kg,

Water storage : 2419 liters (2.419 tons) 1-5 person
Wall thickness:0.56mm
Packaging:manual valves plug, repair patch, boxed, household electric air pump
Executive standard: GB GB-6675 U.S. ASTM F-963 European Union EN-71

Pool material properties: three tarpaulin, PVC tape outer and inner layers, laminated mesh material for its toughness is three times that of traditional materials; with greater capacity, toughness stronger; anti gasoline, oil and salt water erosion; resistance grinding, pressure, light;
Note: The top ring need to be inflated, other parts do not need to be inflated, using water tension can hold up the pool





For the 244cm X 76cm swimming pool