How To Install (GSM) Illuminated iPhone Apple Logo Light Mod from LightMyiPhone.com – GSM iPhone

www.macmixing.com – Mixing it up with Apple. Today I am showing you an unboxing and installation tutorial for an Apple Logo Light Mod from lightmyiphone.com for the GSM iPhone 4. THIS IS ONLY FOR THE GSM MODEL! This is an iPhone mod that allows you to illuminate the Apple Logo on the back of your iPhone, just like it looks on a MacBook! I realize this is a LONG video but it honestly is the only realistic way I could show how to install it while explaining everything. It is fairly easy to install but is definitely not for the electronics beginner. This mod realistically requires a decent amount of time to sit down and install. DON’T try this in a hurry guys, as you’ll screw up your iPhone 4. But if you follow this video it will help you get the mod installed. All the tools you need to install the mod are included when you purchase the light mod kit.This requires you to open up your iPhone and install a light panel which can be seen behind a special back for the phone that has a transparent Apple logo. The end result is very cool and well worth the time. I noticed a bit of light leak at the top, but that didn’t bother me too much as it looked VERY cool once I put it in a “Logo Reveal” case from Seidio. BE PATIENT! I know I say this like a thousand times in the video but it’s very important to ensure you install everything correctly and don’t short out your phone. Proceed at your own risk, as macmixing.com or myself are not responsible for any damages you may incur during