Head-Fi.org Headphones Picks From CES!

Did Sennheiser have the best sounding headphones at CES? What was the best headphone deal at CES? Are new headphones from Philips and Skullcandy worth listening to? How about audiophile quality wireless cans? Can Monster produce a decent headphone without Beats? What’s the story with V-Moda, Sonomax? We’ve got a great interview with head-fi.org founder Jude Mansilla… where we geek out on headphones and earbuds from 0 to 00! Check out all our CES coverage at revision3.com/ces! Get the most CES 2012 coverage in one spot – see it ALL on Rev3Tech! www.youtube.com BE SOCIAL! Comment, Like & Share this video on YouTube! Subscribe for free! www.youtube.com Tekzilla on Revision3 www.revision3.com Tekzilla on Twitter www.twitter.com Veronica Belmont on Twitter www.twitter.com Patrick Norton on Twitter www.twitter.com Robert Heron on Twitter twitter.com