Grumblies Toy Online

Do you remember the Tamagotchi? Those cute little devices that many of us had back in the day which housed our own interactive digital pet.

Well, if you’re looking to re live that nostalgia and want to have something that not only recreates that effect but is also a great social integration tool for your kids, then look no further than the Grumblies.

We’re all living in the digital age today and it is important to combine both toys and technology so that kids can have access to a really positive learning environment while having fun at the same time.  So, what is a Grumblie and where to buy the Grumblies toy?

Well, Skyrocket first came up with the idea of an interactive toy back when they first launched their crowdfunding campaign, however, we finally got to see the Grumblies in action at the 2018 toy Fair.

These are little egg-shaped toys that can be handed over to kids who can then interact with them in a number of way. Most of these interactions are very basic and require the kids to basically roll over the Grumblie, flip it upside down or shake it. Doing any one of these actions can then trigger a response from the Grumblie, ranging from happy to sad.

If the Grumblie is happy, the kids can continue the same actions to make it even more happy while on the other hand if it is angry or sad, then it is on the kid to calm it down and make it feel better.

The Grumblie has a number of other features as well, many of which incorporate technology in a big way.

The really cool thing about having a Grumblie is that if your friends also own them, you can then play with them together. Grumblies feature technology which allows them to interact with each other if they detect that another Grumblie toy is present around them.

This isn’t all, however, as the Grumblie can also communicate with numerous digital devices such as smartphones and tablets. This not only provides the kids a meaningful purpose when using a smartphone or a tablet but also allows them to learn the basics of accessing these devices in the first place.

Also, a toy like the Grumblie can greatly help a child develop social skills, which is the actual purpose of this toy from Skyrocket in the first place. By engaging with and responding to the Grumblie, kids can learn important social skills that are now necessary with the advent of technology. As we mentioned earlier, where to buy the Grumblie toy? Well, you can head over to Amazon and easily purchase the Grumblie toy for your kids or if you’re looking to get yourself a nostalgia boost. So, what are you waiting for?