Get the Best Deal on The Grumblies Toy In 2018!    

Get the Best Deal on The Grumblies Toy In 2018!

Who said that toys should be cute, or sweet as lambs?

Who said that boys could not have toys specially designed for them?

If you have children who are turbulent, angry, and who like fighting, then they have found an opponent to their size, the Grumblies toys!

Grumblies toy by skyrocket

The grumblies toys were presented at the annual toy fair in New York on February 17, 2018 by skyrocket.

Unlike most children’s toys, grumblies are not tender. They are rather agitated and rude and have been specially designed for boys, and other children with angry tendencies.

A little short story

The grumblies would live in the deepest part of the earth, in the biggest secrets, in caves sheltered from the eyes of men. They are capricious and mischievous, causing earthquakes, landslides, volcanisms, hurricanes, and other supernatural chaos! Some tried to capture them, but none came back alive.

Rubbing grumblies can be very dangerous for you because annoying them will inevitably lead to an explosion of anger. With them the rules are simple. Do not shake, slap, twist, or it may be the last thing you’ll ever do!

Multipoint technology  Grumblies toys are very strong and have been designed to last a very long time. With multipoint technology, the doll responds to the blows and pressure you exert on them. When you beat them, they give you rude words, expressing their nervousness.

Beat them until they get into a rage and watch them explode with anger and move around in all directions. Grumblies are adversaries at your height, on whom you can pour your anger, instead of pouring on others.  Four characters all crazier than others.

There are four different characters in the family of grumblies to this day, and each is at the origin of a natural disaster:  – Scorch lava: red in color, it is at the origin of volcanism;  – Hydro tsunamis: light blue color responsible for hurricanes and unbridled winds on the high seas;  – Bolt: violet color, responsible for lightning and thunder;  – Tremor: of green color, responsible for earthquakes and landslides.

Each of them has their own personality. Test them, you will not be disappointed.

Skyrocket put us in awe at the latest toy show in New York. With these new toys specially designed for those who love fighting, your children will find an opponent to their size. Unfortunately, you will still have to restrain yourself for a while as they will apparently not be marketed before the Christmas season.

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