FIX for no iPhone sound without headphones problem (also iPad, iPod)

Please hit the ‘LIKE’ button if this video helps you! Fix for iPhones running iOS 3, 4 and 5 that have the ‘no sound’ issue, as described in my previous video. Please watch the previous video to check whether this actually applies to your current issues. Previous video: www.youtube.com DIRECTIONS FOR THIS FIX: 1) Jailbreak the iPhone (best method that currently works on all devices is ‘Absinthe’. Find a guide here on YouTube) 2) Download and install ‘iExplorer’ (link below). It’s available for both Mac and PC www.macroplant.com 3) Connect iPhone to your PC/Mac and run iExplorer NOTE: if iExplorer won’t work for you, download ‘iFile’ through Cydia and you can perform the following steps to this fix directly on the iPhone! 4) Within iExplorer (or iFile), on the left column navigate to System / Library / LaunchDaemons 5) Within the right column find ‘com.apple.iapd.plist’, right click then select delete 6) Close iExplorer and reboot the iPhone….YOU MUST REBOOT! 7) Enjoy sounds again on your iPhone! NOTE: Deleting the ‘com.apple.iapd.plist’ may effect the functioning of hardware accessories that go with various apps, such as FM transmitters and Nike accessories, etc