Factory unlocked iphone 4 (white) tmobile usa apn

iphone firmware download page: www.iclarified.com *iphone 4 ipsw files start with 3,1_ redn0w rcxx windows or mac download page (select ipsw restore file and follow steps): iclarified.com t-mobile usa apn settings: all apn’s are : epc.tmobile.com (enter exactly as shown) mmsc: mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com mms proxy: mms max message size:1048576 mms UA Prof URL: www.apple.com source to add in cydia to automatically intall apn settings is: beta.leimobile.com/repo/ *if your using 4.3.4/4.3.5 you will need to use ifile (found in cydia.xsellize.com/ in sources) to change mms bios for this to work. on your iphone search “tmobile mms” in safari’s google search and select the leimobile link (should be first link) and select/copy .plist settings found at this link: leimobile.com in ifile go to library, preferences, com.apple.mms_override.plist, edit, select all settings and erase them, now paste the settings you just copied and tap save then done, reboot your iphone (boot as tethered if you are on 4.3.4/4.3.5) and viola!! mms works:) this will also work for 3G/3GS users unlocked with 06.15.00 BB installed or gevey card users as well *makes sure you have tmobile mms fix installed from the leimobile source. hope this video helped, be sure to subscribe…