If you want to see the newest DC shoes go take a look at their website. They have four new models to choose from. Not only do they have shoes for sale but they also have all kinds of apparel, including hats and they also have a backpack that might interest you.

DC shoes is based out in California and has been a subsidiary of Quiksilver since March of 2004. Now based in Huntington Beach, California DC sponsors all manner of extreme sport boarders and riders ans surfers. We could talk about all the different products they make but let’s talk just about the shoes here though.

The newest DC shoes that they have for men are:

1. Mens Landau Shoes, these shoes have a heavy duty upper made of suede with vent holes in this upper so the shoes can “breathe” better. This just means that more air will get to your feet and they will stay drier. The tongue is padded and so is the collar so they are more comfortable and will give more support to your foot while skating.

These Landau shoes have DC’s signature performance cup sole and insole with an abrasion resistant sticky rubber outsole. Everyone takes a spill or two when learning how to ride a skateboard or they are a professional rider. These outsoles will help your shoes stay looking brand new

2. The nest shoe on the list are the Mens Tonik M Unrst shoes and they have a cloth upper with the vent holes for drier performance. A vulcanized construction with DC’s own drop-in cushion system and the same sticky rubber, abrasion resistant outsole.

3. Mens Studio 151 Shoes have a rubber coated (Bounce) suede upper and leather laces for durability, vulcanized construction and the ever-present abrasion resistant sticky rubber outsole.

4. Next, we have the Mens Alias Lite SE shoes have breathable mesh overlayed with a soft suede and mesh on the underside of the tongue as well. This type of construction makes the very comfortable and protects better from impact. The rubber on the outsole is placed so that the shoe is protected and durable.

The bottom sole of the shoe is covered with DC’s Trademarked “Pill Pattern” for increased traction while skateboarding. Anything that will help keep you on your skateboard longer I think would be a good thing.

All of these shoes come in sizes ranging from 5-13 and do not come in various colors. They make each shoe with it’s own specific design, style, and colors and that is all you have to choose from.

If you want to trick out your wardrobe then buy yourself a shirt, hat and jacket to go along with your shoes. Just make sure what you want is in stock or order it all off of the website. whether you are male, female or a kid, the newest DC shoes will have you looking your best when you are out there showing off your skateboarding skills on the halfpipe.

Newest Dc Shoes