Dyson Dc25 Animal – Keeping Every Nook Clean Even With Pets

Dyson Dc25 Animal – Keeping Every Nook Clean Even With Pets

Furry pets are a welcome addition to any family and can indirectly teach the children responsibility. What most do not look forward to is when house cleaning has to be done and remove pet hairs all over. Such task can be daunting especially when the pets have easy access to all rooms around the home including the car. On top of the usual dirt, dust and human hair, pet hairs stick to carpets, car seats, sofa and other areas in the house. Ordinary vacuum cleaners were tried but failed to make an impression to get those stubborn dog or cat fur. An answer to this is the Dyson DC25 Animal that is not just the usual vacuum cleaner but has a tool that targets the pet hairs.

Dyson DC25 Animal boasts of many features including the Root Cyclone, Ball, Telescope Reach wand, motorized brush bar, quick emptying, lifetime HEPA filter and mini turbine head. Dyson’s very own patented Root Cyclone technology has no dust bag to rely on. The technology is about spinning the air very fast where the centrifugal is forced up to 268,000 times more than force of gravity. The spinning action flings the dirt and dust out from the air and into the clear bin that these vacuum cleaners are famous. Dyson vacuum cleaners are proud to assure the consumers of not losing the suction capacity.

The Ball technology of the Dyson cleaner is an amazing change from the conventional wheeled cleaners. Wheeled vacuums add an effort to the user because of the back and forth movement when steering around obstacles and corners. The ball allows the user to change direction of the vacuum with a turn of the wrist. For the stairs and higher places that require to be dusted off, the Telescope Reach wand pulls the hard to reach areas. Other tools are able to fit at the end of the wand to have more cleaning options.

The HEPA filter is an extra precaution for those that have allergies or asthma that only requires washing and no need for replacement. The mini turbine head is made to take out pet hairs on tight spaces such as stairs, upholstery and inside the car. The tiny bristles capture the fine fibers and hairs, which are the toughest to collect from these spots. With all these and more, you are in for a great product that is found in the Dyson DC25 Animal get a great deal on Dyson’s at vacuumcleanerauthority.com the expert site for all your vacuum needs.

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