Compare DDT 1/5 Rc Car Gasoline SUV Remote Control Car 29cc Engine 2.4G Remote Control Two 48KG Servo Better HPI ROVAN KM BAJA 5B Losi review

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DDT 1/5 Truck Rc CAR 30N Thirty Degrees Borth BWS-5B New Buggy  29CC 2.4Ghz Better Than HPI Losi DBXL

Data of the BWS-5B (just for the standard version):


L x W x H:800mmX450mmX315mm


Wheel-base: 560mm


Top speed:80km/h

Remote control:BER-V3


Engine:30°N  29cc 4bolts engine

Fuel tank capacity:750ml

Drive mode:Four-wheel driving

Servo:48kg(using Lithium battery:62kg)

Shock system:Adjustable front and rear hydraulic

Shock support:6061T6 aluminum

Chassis:6061T6 high-strength aluminum alloy molding

29cc engine



2 pcs servo


radio and reciver


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 Design highlights of the BWS-5B:

1. Aerodynamic shell: The advanced shell can reduce the wind resistance and increase the grip. There are two air inlets in the front of the shell, it can lower the pipe’s temperature effectively and it also can satisfy the intake of the air filter.


2. The whale empennage: Due to the aerodynamic principle, and cooperate with the aerodynamic shell. While the model is driving, the empennage will adjust the angle automatically from top to bottom. It can offer more grip when the model swith to a high speed.


3. The pig nose front bumper: when the model bumps into something, the pig nose bumper can absorb more impact force thus protect the components.


4. Golden delta protection holder: Double material design. Internal material is nylon which can protect the engine. The exterior is soft elastic material that can support the shell at the top. BWS-5B has been designed having no a roll cage, the installation position of the delta is on the highest point of the model, it can protect the engine and the shell from damaging while it is rolling.


5. Installed forward engine: According to the principal of the engine cooling system, BWS-5B is installed the pull starter forward in order to ease up the issue of engine cooling system.


6. BWS silver spirit silenced exhaust pipe: Designed by the foreign engineers. This pipe made of stainless steel material, it has an exquisite sound and it also can offer more back pressure to the engine.


7. Ventilation guard: An air vent designed at the left side of the guard. When the model is in high-speed driving, the negative air pressure generated in the interior will draw out the hot air from the vent automatically thus reducing the exhaust pipe temperature effectively.


8. Silenced air filter: Two holes at the head of the filter can eliminate the noise from the filter, it can help you calm down when you are in international competition.


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