Bevle A0752 Toy Machine Waterproof Sticker Notebook Phone Laptop Skateboard Fridge Graffiti Cartoon Stickers

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Size:about Sheet length 5-16 cm (The specific kind prevail).Material Science PVC wate rproof sunscreen removable material. (With air guide groove, perfect fit any part, no bubble). Color:Imported machinery, imported ink, waterproof, sunscreen, do not change color, laser perfect cutting profile, bright pattern. Usage:As long as the smooth surface of the place can paste, body before and after the siege, fender, side skirts, a hub, a reflective mirror, interior, mobile phone, mirror,suitcase, motorcycle, bicycle, computers, furniture, refrigerators, iPad, a slide plate,a guitar, a camera, a teacup, belongings. As long as you can reach the place can go"snapped" paste! A0752