Tablets are the latest gadget that everyone must own. They offer all the functionality of a computer but with far more portability then even laptops can offer. They are great for people on the go, especially for those who need just that little extra space due to cramped areas such as a crowded lecture hall or airplane.

When somebody mentions tablets, you often think of the hardware giant Apple and their products such as the Ipad. However there are other tablets out there such as the Amazon Apple Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire is a brand new tablet released by Amazon in 2011 and it is looking to make it’s mark on the industry.

Now most of you might be inclined to just get an Ipad as it is a big name and something everyone seems to have. But do not short yourself out of a good deal by going with it just because it is familiar. The Kindle Fire has a lot to offer at a significantly lower price.

An Apple Ipad generally runs around 500 dollars, that is before you get the various accessories available for it. The Kindle Fire, however, is only a mere 200 dollars. This price distance is drastic, especially when you take into account the fact that the Kindle Fire can do pretty much anything the Ipad can, if not more.

The Ipad comes with a 10 inch display screen while the Amazon Apple Kindle Fire comes with a 7 inch screen. There is talk about a 10 inch version being released for the holidays however. And although the screen is smaller then the Ipad, it has more functionality when it comes to watching videos on the internet.

The Ipad does not support Flash, which is a program used on a majority of websites for video streaming. Web browser games also require Flash most of the time. So when it comes to enjoying media on the internet, the Kindle Fire has the Ipad beat.

While the Kindle Fire has a lot to offer, that is not to say it is better then the Ipad in every way. With it’s drastically reduced price it does have to give up some features. For example the Amazon Apple Kindle Fire does not have a camera and does not support video chats. Nor does it have 3G support which means you have to find a Wifi network to link up to if you plan on using the web.

The Apple Ipad also has a lot more applications available for it since it has been around for much longer. These short comings may turn a lot of potential buyers off but it really is a matter of you get what you pay for. The main determining factor is whether or not you feel you need these features.

If you do not see yourself using your tablet for things like taking pictures or video chatting, then the Kindle Fire might be the way to go since it is significantly cheaper. But if those features are something you can not live without, and you can tolerate paying twice the price, then the Ipad is always there for you.

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