The Apple I Pod touch 4th Generation is the most known music player out there. Everyone has heard of the famous Ipod, and you can see them everywhere. This is simply because the Ipod is a very reliable music player, it looks good and performs it’s functions. But even though the Ipod is a great music player, there are some things a lot of Ipod owners do not know about.

From various ways you can use your Ipod as more then just a music player to ways of operating it to the best of your ability. For most people it is merely a music player to use when going to the Gym or something. But these added functions can give you a lot more use out of your Ipod.

1. Use your Ipod as a storage and transfer device. The Apple Ipod can do more then just listen to music. It can store a variety of files from text documents to videos. While it’s storage capacity may not be infinite it can still hold a fair few files which you can then transfer to your notebook or desktop. Your Ipod makes transferring needed files a sinch.

2. Your Apple I Pod touch 4th Generation can also be used as a watch as well. Seems a bit unnecessary but for times when you may not have your watch, it can be a great benefit. Just go to Extras in the menu and click on the Clocks option. You can also set it so your Ipod always displays the time by going to Settings, then Time and Date, then click Time in Title and the time will always be displayed.

3. Not so much a functionality is simply a useful tip, but a lot of times you may find yourself stuffing your Ipod full of your favorite songs only to find out you do not have any more room left. To prevent this from happening you should regularly check how much memory you have left.

To do this just go to Settings in the menu and then click About. It will show you how much memory you have left. Compare that with the size of the songs you are uploading and you can make sure you do not go over.

4. Another tip in using your Ipod is how to handle it freezing. Like all electronic devices, the Ipod is prone to crashing and freezing up. When this happens all you have to do is slide the hold button to a locked position and you will be able to see an orange color light up. Once you see that color slide it back into the unlocked position. After that hold down the center select button and menu at the same time until the logo appears. Just let go and your Ipod should be responding.

The Apple I Pod touch 4th Generation is an amazing piece of technology with a lot to offer. And although most people view it as nothing more then a music player it can still do other things. While it is by no means an Ipad or something, you can still use it for more then just music if you want. But for the bigger stuff you may want to look into getting yourself an Ipad.

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