The Apple I Pad 1 is an impressive tool that blends the functionality of a laptop with the smaller size of a cellphone, taking the best of both worlds. While obviously not as small as a cellphone, it is significantly smaller and sleeker then a laptop which makes carrying it and using it on the go much easier.

But like all electronics, the Ipad can be rather fragile and with how expensive it is you will want to protect it to the best of your ability. The last thing you want is for your 500 dollar Ipad to break. Now the best way you can protect your Ipad is the same way you protect anything, treat it gently.

Sometimes we get a little rough with our appliances, I’ve seen people clumsily drop their cellphones or give them a little toss. But this just increases the chances of it breaking. It sounds corny but think of your Ipad like a newborn baby, treat it gently and never, ever drop it.

Now, with the common sense out of the way, there are some accessories on the market that you can buy that can further protect your Apple I Pad 1. Because while common sense is good and all, sometimes things happen and we need to be prepared for them.

The first thing you could look into buying is a screen protector. This will not protect it from fall damage or anything but if you want to keep your screen grease-free and even protect against minor scratches and stains, then this is what you will need. It is not terribly expensive and so if you are one of those really careful people, this is probably all you need.

The second thing you could look into is a full body shield. This is a film that will encase your entire Ipad to protect it in the same manner as a screen protector. Scratches and spills will be guarded against with this film, keeping your Ipad safe from the occasional accident. But just like the screen protector it does not protect against more severe damage such as being dropped.

The third thing you could look into is an Ipad case. This is the most protection you can get for your Ipad. Cases come in a wide variety of types and styles so it depends on what you are looking for. But to get the maximum amount of protection you should go for a heavy duty case. These cases will offer some protection against drops and the like, but an Apple I Pad 1 is still fragile so do not go around throwing it like a football just because you bought a case for it.

Apple I Pad

An Ipad is an expensive device that you will want to protect and keep in good condition. And while there is no accessories that will offer it perfect protection, they can help guard against the occasional slip ups and accidents such as spilling your soda on it. But in the end, the best protection for your Ipad is you and making sure you keep it out of harms way.

Apple I Pad One Care For Your Investment