Amazon KINDLE FIRE Tablet!

Circle Me! wt1.me Amazon has released their new Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet, which will sell November 15th for 9. They also released the Kindle Touch! Watch this for more information! Gamefly: One FREE Month of video game rentals! wt1.me Netflix: One FREE Month of Movie Streaming/DVDs! wt1.me Google+: wt1.me Twitter: twitter.com Tech Podcast: lifepluggedin.com Outro by Charlie Puth www.youtube.com Thanks for the sssSTOP IT!: youtube.com Story Links: (No referral links; can’t get that in Illinois) 🙁 Amazon Kindle: wt1.me Amazon Kindle Touch: wt1.me Amazon 9 Kindle Touch w/3G: wt1.me Amazon 9 Kindle Fire Tablet (w/comparison chart!): wt1.me