22 Inches Four-wheel Mini Cruiser Banana Style Longboard Pastel Color Skate Board with LED Flashing Wheels Retro Skateboard

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– 22 x 6 inches shock resistant PP kick tail deck, bring you a different skateboarding experience.
– LED flashing wheels, they flash when rotating the wheels, very cool, and improve skateboarding safety at night.
– ABEC-7 high-speed bearing, fast spinning with zero noise.
– Shipped as assembled, ready to use and fit in your backpack.
– 60 x 45mm PU high bounce wheel,very smooth ride and high durability with great gripping power.
– 3 inches aluminum bracket, give your board and wheel a steady support, durable and can bear max. 50kg.
– Bright colorways, make you attractive among the skateboarders.
– Great for kids and adults.
– The distance between two wheels: 15cm / 6 inches.
– Max bearing: 100kg.